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  1. Best Brake Upgrade

    I have a 1998 Regal GS. There does not seem to be many performance brake kits out there with upgraded calipers. I am looking for recommendations for a bolt on kit cross reference. Part numbers and links would be appreciated. David
  2. Regal parts wanted. Cai, cat, PCM, dp

    I have a 2000 regal gs and am in need of a couple things... 3" down pipe. Reprogrammed PCM Cai, or stock airbox. Hi flo cat If you do have something please txt 248 252 4549. Please include brand and price. Thanks Justin
  3. 98 gtp engine or transmission?

    General Tech
    Hello everyone, I have been a fan of this forum for a long time and have found a wealth of valuable information thanks to you guys. I recently decided to join this forum because my 98 gtp has been acting up for quite some time now and i'm at a loss. (Btw I apologize if this post is in the...
  4. Stock Natural asp. performance upgrades

    General Tech
    Looking for some ideas on a stock 3800 series 2 non super charged engine. plan on getting heads and pcm and supercharger later on when its paid off but for now just want some basics. By the way its a 2001 ponitac bonneville.
  5. Intercooler on an `04 Monte SS

    Intercoolers/Water Injection/CO2
    Instead of just doing a 3.5" pulley, new PCM, 180* stat, and headers, I'm looking at doing an intercooler and a smaller pulley with a new PCM and a 180* stat. I was looking at W Body Store stage II intercooler. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this intercooler. I`d get it with the...
  6. How much would you sell 1- Morad Top Swap Kit- 2 2004 impala LS

    moved to for sale thread!! sorry im a newbie and could not find the for sale forum. thanks for looking
  7. Upgrading my 3800 Series II Supercharged

    I have a Supercharged Monte Carlo and haven't done anything to it yet (except a Hypertech canned tune). My thoughts were that I could do a 3" stainless steel downpipe, a 3.25 inch pulley, a short stack intercooler with the stage 3 heat exchanger and 180* stat. Do you think I am going to have KR...
  8. Camaro headers :]

    Newbie Zone
    Hey everyone does anybody on here know where i cn find some 3in headers for an 02 camaro?:icon_frow