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  1. Bottom End
    I am in need of a crankshaft, I bought a 2004 Grand Prix GTP with a bad rod bearing, upon tearing down the motor I brought the crank in to get it ground. My engine builder said it was past it's limits ( .040 under ) and that it is junk!!!!! EEEEEKS!!!!! any one got one for a series 3...
  2. For Sale
    The car was great before the accident, two owners,no leaks, transmission responsive and smooth, strong engine 115k, supercharged, the car had no dents or scratches, radiators are damaged, front frame is damaged, engine and transmission still work, car still moves on its own, car is complete...
  3. For Sale
    97 White Buick Riviera 120,000K The car has its fair share of problems but would be perfect for parts. Trans/Engine/Supercharger work fine. I have a bike that I use mainly for transporation so the car isn't driven that much anymore but has made it anywhere I needed it to go, however I need to...
1-3 of 3 Results