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  1. Newbie Zone
    Hey all, Here from NY, had several 3800 a bunch of years ago including a ‘00 Impala , ‘01 Monte Carlo SS which at the time were modded and great runners! Wrecked one , sold the other….. Got out of it for several years. Needed a new (to me) fuel efficient commuter, with the car market like it is...
  2. For Sale
    I have a 2001 Buick Park Avenue Ultra that I need to sell as it is taking up space and I will not be working on it in the near future. We purchased the car several years ago and loved the power it had and smooth ride. While driving on the highway one day it developed a tapping noise in the...
  3. Turbos
    I want to run a turbo, I understand that their are many modifications/upgrades that I must do before I install What is required to have upgraded before installing a turbo kit? I own a 1995 Buick Park Avenue N/A
  4. Intake
    Would I have enough room to mount a dual cold air system in my 1995 Buick Park Avenue, I want to run them down towards the bottom behind the bumper, I do not want to break the bank, if I need to relocate things I will
  5. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    Alright so this is the first time i've worked on a 3800 and i've been stumped with figuring out what all was wrong when it was set to rest in a friend's carport. So what happened was that her father in-law was driving the backroads and didn't see this good sized branch in the road, ran it over...
  6. For Sale
    Parting out my sleeper. I love this car but I love my Camaro more. I need the $ to finish restoring my baby. All Prices add shipping and ppal fees. ZZ Performance crate engine has ~7000 Miles on it tops. Daily driver. Never had the chance to get it to the drag strip to see what she would...
  7. Intercoolers/Water Injection/CO2
    This project is not finished, but I figured this may be helpful to someone anyhow. I couldn't remember to keep taking pictures throughout, so there are some big jumps here and there. I'm starting with pictures;...Maybe I will add text later. This is using sseilmnop's Core. If the...
  8. General Tech
    new to the site.. i have a 98 PA ultra. its used as a daily driver and want some little extra get up and go.. i put a CAI so far.. my plans are a 180 stat. maybe a pcm tune and a 3.6 or 3.5 pulley. i know a MPS is the way to go but i dont plan on doing to many other mods so i dont think i will...
1-8 of 8 Results