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  1. How to add Eaton M90 to LN3

    Hi, I just bought a '90 Park Ave in very good condition, and I'm looking to add a supercharger to it. From perusing the Internet, it looks like the Eaton M90 supercharger is the most common one used, and I would like to fit it on my engine. I have the 3800 LN3, and I've read that it can be...
  2. Big Brake Kit

    Do they make high quality big brake kits for a 1995 Buick Park Avenue?
  3. RWD Conversion

    Rear Wheel Drive
    Would it be possible to do a RWD conversion on a 1995 Buick Park Avenue?
  4. First Project Car

    General Tech
    I have purchased a 1995 Buick Park Avenue as my first project car and got a sweet deal, I paid $500 for the car, there is no rust on the car 100% rust free with flawless leather interior, carpet is a little dirty, been sitting in the shade behind a garage for 3 years, the only things this car...
  5. No start no crank after instrument cluster installation

    Naturally Aspirated
    My 1998 buick park avenue won't crank and none of the gauges work after i removed and replaced the instrument cluster. It had no issues prior to this and I'm not sure where to start to fix the problem? Thanks in advance
  6. 2002 Park Ave Ultra w/stock SC Upgrade

    I am new to the site. I am interested in putting a smaller pulley on my supercharger. If I do this where can I find a PCM ECM for my model and year car. All the ones I see are for Regal or impalas or something else. One person told me I may be able to use a PCM from a regal but I'm not sure. I...
  7. New guy

    Newbie Zone
    hey guys, i just bought a 89 park ave with the 3800 in it, im a little familiar with them, my dads 90 lesabre has one and my brother had a 98 park ave ultra with the 3800 s/c. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyupgrades for the 3800 pre series/ ln3 motor i have? Thank You very much, Shawn