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  1. Cooling System
    So I started having this problem today. My water temp jumped to 220-230 from a normally stable 190-195. I pull over and listen under the hood and there is a hissing sound. It is coming from the water pump/ tensioner pulley area on the left side of the engine. I replaced the water pump last year...
  2. General Tech
    Have 99 Park Ave. 3800 series II n/a. Original engine went with my daughter driving. She said it quit shifting and then revved way up and quit. When she opened the hood it was pretty hot and smoking. Towed it home couple days later changed oil and it reeked of gas. Drove around town and started...
  3. Cooling System
    Here we go. My wife blew the motor in her 98 Oldsmobile intrigue, so i swapped the motors, and it wanted to run hot only on the highway with AC on. City driving, AC on or off, is fine, but highway AC on it gets hot. So, i replaced headgaskets, lower intake Mani gasket and new Plenum. Replaced...
1-3 of 3 Results