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  1. GM supercharger oil

    For Sale
    SOLD - GM supercharger oil Item is sold. Thank you. ============================== Have surplus 5 bottles of GM supercharger oil. Black bottles are 4 ounces each with flip cap. Unused and unopened. Will ship them for $36 USPS money order ($30 for oil, $6 for shipping). No longer own...
  2. Rebuilding Oil Pump

    Bottom End
    So a friend of mine wants to sell her 91 Park Avenue. Catch is the guy that came over to buy it told her that she needs to get a new oil pump. I checked it for her and sure enough there is no oil getting to the valves. I called the local parts store and they have a rebuild kit for about 40...
  3. Oil in coolant(intake gaskets have been replaced)

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    I still have oil getting into my coolant. I've replaced the Lower intake manifold gaskets already. Torqued to specs and everything. Engine has never been overheated, and I have 150psi compression in every cylinder. Though, it has a LTFT of -17%. The car has 230k miles, could there be a chance...
  4. Oil?

    My cars cap says to use 5w-30, my friends gtp says 10w-30. We both have the same motor, 3800 series II. What are you guys running in your car??
  5. Severe Misfiring/Rough Idle

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    I need help with my '01 GTP, 88k, no mods. It's running really rough. This is what's going on: I had put Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15,000 mile synth oil in my engine, and had driven the car for only 5,000 since then as of yesterday. When I'd started up the car yesterday, right away my...