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  1. Bottom End
    Hey guys, So I have a '99 Grand Prix with the 3800 Series II in it, it had been leaking coolant in a few areas last summer, and got driven without hardly any coolant and blew a head gasket. So $500 and a few weeks of new experiences later I had the heads resurfaced, all new gaskets in, new...
  2. General Tech
    Hi, We transplanted a series 2 3800 supercharged out of a 2001 park ave ultra for a road racing need. Engine ran great - we were running 65 psi oil and 180 water 15 minutes into running, during a set of turns, the oil pressure dropped to 40 psi, water was was still at 180, then with in 30...
  3. Bottom End
    i rebuilt my 97 3800 series 2 and now i get good 75psi oil pressure untill i let it sit over nite then when i restart it its at 10 maybe ???
  4. Sensors
    I have a 2004 LeSabre with a oil pressure sensor problem (I think). According to the DIC, it reads usually around 130psi when cold. I've seen it go as low as 97 though after a long drive. Normal driving it hovers around 110-130. The engine has 112k on it, and oil was just changed and the oil...
  5. Bottom End
    I have a 1996 Bonny w/SII it currently has 149,000 miles. About 500 mile back I had a knock develop in the lower end. I pulled the pan to find that Number (1) I could shake it with my hand, ahhh that's it. Since I was not prepared at the time to build the engine I polished the journel (was not...
1-5 of 5 Results