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  1. Superchargers
    I am working on installing my L32 with northstar tb and am not sure where the vacuum lines all go. does anyone have pics of the way their vacuum lines are ran? my L67 doesn't have the same components as the L32.
  2. Intake
    What all do I need to swap to a N* tb? I heard they have issues retaining cruise control. How do I know if the one im looking at will have cruise control? I know I need the ZZP adapter plate. (I have a ss m90 kit, inlet 78mm) http://www.zzperformance.com/grand_prix/products1.php?id=162 I can...
  3. Intake
    Guys I just had my gen3 blower ported to 75mm to meet the northstar tb, and have supporting mods, but now I have am having a terrible idle. It might be a vacuum leak but I wonder if i have to calibrate for the new maf? I added 8% over the entire range of the Maf calibrations cuz its 8% bigger...
1-3 of 3 Results