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  1. General Tech
    Hi guys. New to the form here and just looking for some opinions. Last year, I picked up a 2004 Intimidator SS with 82k miles. This is my fourth 3800 but my first L67 (not counting one i bought to part out.) About a month after I got it, I noticed a very slight ticking noise, mostly on engine...
  2. Fuel System
    Hello, I have a fuel injector that is driving me crazy! It is making a high pitched whirling noise. I have replaced the injector and the O'rings. The noise stopped for about a day, then started making the noise again. If I spray starting fluid on the injector the noise will stop for a short...
  3. Superchargers
    I've been experiencing a weird 'clicking' noise under acceleration during the first 5 minutes after a cold start up. After it warms up, it kinda goes away. I took the SC belt off to check the feel of the bearings. Is it normal for the SC to make a little noise when you spin it by hand, or...
1-3 of 3 Results