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  1. DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    Any electrical guys out there? Ok so here's my mystery problem. I seem to have an intermittent draw where whenever the car decides to I'll get up in the morning and my battery will be dead. Second new battery, new starter as well. Did a parasitic draw test at work today, at first it registered...
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    My 1998 buick park avenue won't crank and none of the gauges work after i removed and replaced the instrument cluster. It had no issues prior to this and I'm not sure where to start to fix the problem? Thanks in advance
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    I took my 99 firebird with 69k on it to my house upstate for the day, the car ran fine all day until i got it into its parking spot back in the city. I had just found a spot, shut the car off and i got to start it to pull it closer to the curb and it won't turn on. I just spent around $400...
  4. General Tech
    I have an 87 Fiero with a supercharged 3800. While driving today it just shut off. Was running terriffic.Like the ignition switch was turned off. Has spark and fuel pressure, but will not fire. Any ideas? Also, the temp gauge was never connected. Where is the temp sender on a 3800. any help...
1-4 of 4 Results