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  1. Newbie Zone
    I just bought a 99 Grand Prix GT about a month ago and I've been looking at fixing it up into a street monster. It's the first car I've actually bought so i want to do it right. It already has a MSD ignition system and a K&N cold air intake on it. I was wondering what i would have to do to...
  2. For Sale
    Parting out my sleeper. I love this car but I love my Camaro more. I need the $ to finish restoring my baby. All Prices add shipping and ppal fees. ZZ Performance crate engine has ~7000 Miles on it tops. Daily driver. Never had the chance to get it to the drag strip to see what she would...
  3. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    My cars cap says to use 5w-30, my friends gtp says 10w-30. We both have the same motor, 3800 series II. What are you guys running in your car??