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  1. swapping intake manifolds

    I have a 2001 monte carlo ss its got the 3800 series 2 motor in it with fwd trans and i was wondering if the intake manifold and plenum were interchangable with the ones on a 4th gen camaro or fbody. I was trying to take them off an 01 camaro i got Both engines are 3800 series 2s non...
  2. Intercooler on an `04 Monte SS

    Intercoolers/Water Injection/CO2
    Instead of just doing a 3.5" pulley, new PCM, 180* stat, and headers, I'm looking at doing an intercooler and a smaller pulley with a new PCM and a 180* stat. I was looking at W Body Store stage II intercooler. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this intercooler. I`d get it with the...
  3. 2004 Monte Carlo SS Throttle Cable Problems??

    Fuel System
    A friend of mine has an 04 Monte Carlo SS and needs a new throttle cable. Some genius tightened a bolt (for the driver side brace bar) on the cable when replacing the air filter, which looks to have crushed the cable guide down on the cable. Sometimes when she hits the gas pedal, it is...
  4. 3800 regular to supercharged swap?

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have a 98 monte carlo z34 with a 3800. Am I able to swap out engines out of a 98 riviera supercharged? I can get the whole car, but just wanted it for the engine and transmission.
  5. Best way to make an 01 M/C SS 3800 sound deep and loud?

    With that low rumble and not too much of that rasp. My current exhaust (came with the car when I bought it about a year ago) is very deep on the low end and raspy in the high end. I don't know what exhaust it is but my camera won't pick it up it's so low. There aren't many videos of Monte...
  6. 05 monte top swap

    i have an 05 Monte LT, its stock. I plan to do a top swap this fall. i need to know if i will run into any problems with it being an 05 L36. i have read some where that it is kind of a mutt in the sense that it has L27 internals, also all the top swap kits and pcms don't seem to go threw the...