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  1. Superchargers
    New member here! I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS supercharged Dale Jr edition and would like to know what it's going to take to get it to run on regular 87 octane? First off, I am not some penny pincher... my daily driver which was a base 2004 monte carlo 3.4, had 315k miles and needs so much money...
  2. FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Hi guys Im currently swapping a 99 gtp 3800 thats supercharged into an 02 monte carlo that had a non s/c 3800 that died at 200k miles. The gtp engine thats s/c should fit right into the monte as its the same engine but s/c. The only question I have is would the pcm from the gtp, that is meant...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    I replaced the lim and uim gaskets and valve cover gaskets on my 04 Monte Carlo with the 3800, ran good lastnight. Today low oil pressure light came on when the car warmed up. Any ideas of anything I could have messed up or broke?
  4. PCM's & Tuning
    Hi, Is there anyone that can help me with the pin out on a 2001 Monte Carlo SS 3800? I had a top side fire, and need to make some repairs. I was told only a 01 or 02 Monte or Impala would work, I did find the info on a 3400 but unable to confirm if this would be the same. Thanks for any help...
  5. FWD Transaxle Components
    Well I bought a 00 ss monte as a repairable and i found out i needed a tranny, identification lmb gear ratio 3.29. My Qs are: 1. Is this one of the better trannys that came with this car? 2. Why would someone say that the 3.29 gear ratio kills your engine? 3. What can i expect for comparison of...
  6. Naturally Aspirated
    Is a aftermarket PCM a good way to go with a NA 01 Monte Carlo SS? if so which brand has the best tune?
1-6 of 6 Results