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  1. Where to start for making power?

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    I'm currently looking into getting another grand prix im looking at a 2002 GTP. I know that i should get a better intake and exhaust along with bigger injectors or a smaller pulley. What should i do after that i'm not looking for crazy power i'm looking to be able to beat those guys in stock...
  2. Which exhaust Companies do you guys like?

    I've really been contemplating a true dual exhaust system for my '04 Impala Ls. Since I know very little about the companies that produce these products, which one's would you guys recommend? I'd like to see what the general consensus is. My dbA limit in my area isn't really clear on exactly how...
  3. 3.0Pulley Requirements

    Guys, I'm tuning with the HP tuners and I currently am at 24.5 degrees of timing with no KR on my 3.3 set up. MODS: ZZP front power log ported rear mani No converter U bend or Res N* TB Autolite 104's 160 drilled Tstat UD waterpump and alt. P/P Eaton Blower P/P Lower intake manifold Methanol...
  4. VT Commodore

    Newbie Zone
    I own a VT commodore with a V6 ECOTECH motor in her, gotta cold air intake, K&N airfilter, Splitfire sparkplugs and leads and a 2 1/2 inch exhaust system from the cats i was wondering if anyone can give me a few cheap mods to get more power to the ground... in the future im superchargering and...