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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello all, I've been having an issue with my 2001 Grand Prix for 2 months now. The car will start, run for 1-3 seconds, and die. It sounds fine when running. It started on thanksgiving day, the car died and would not start. I ended up unplugging the battery for several hours and then the car...
  2. DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    93' Pontiac 3800 series 1, just started doing this today. Starts fine, Idles Fine, but give it some resistance (put in in gear, foot on break), and there is no power, seems like its running on a single cylinder. If you shift out of gear, it will stall (unless you keep the rpm up). If you...
  3. Newbie Zone
    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and am looking forward to getting helpful advice from fellow 3800 owners. My first question is about Cold Air Intake. I was ready to purchase a cold air intake system and ask my neighbor who is a mechanic for a local GM dealership if it would be a good...
1-3 of 3 Results