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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    02 Regal LS w/ 270k miles. Started to see the mileage decline and noticed that STFuel trim would bounce around -3.1% to +3.1%. LTFuel Trim would run 10.8 - 16.1% and sometimes as much as 20% when in 90 deg.F weather. Car was a bit sluggish at times, but no codes were set. Mileage dropped from...
  2. Sensors
    Hi, We have a series 2 we use in a road racing application. different car and rear wheel drive application. the ECU was reprogrammed to remove all non-motor control sensors. The car was running excellent at last race in fall. stored in a temp controlled garage all winter and no signs of...
  3. PCM's & Tuning
    I am looking for a PCM schematic/pin out for my 3800 grand prix. If anyone could help me out that would be phenomenal. I am registering air flow across my MAF sensor with the vehicle off and the MAF unplugged. I am thinking it is a direct short or feedback from a bare wire. Any help would be...
  4. For Sale
    Hey guys, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in my old L67 SC? I replaced it a few weeks back and I was thinking that some of the parts may be useful to some others be fore I scrap the rest. It has 183K on it, with a light knock when I yanked it out. I didn't feel like trying to fix...
  5. Wanted
    As the post title states, I'm looking for a replacement airflow sensor for my 99 Regal GS - part number AFH50M-05. If anyone has a spare that works, let me know how much you'll sell it for. Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results