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  1. LIM Coolant Pitting & Gasket Failure

    Have an 03 Impala LS 3800 @ 117K miles. In process of a L36-L26 upper swap and new gaskets for LIM/UIM. Have more planned on this. Just noticed a slow total coolant leak of 1/2 -3/4 gal over last few months, so go this going. I cleaned up the LIM today and saw pitting around the coolant ports...
  2. Where is the connector that goes to the Coolant Temperature Sensor?

    I also posted this in the Cooling subforum, but I figured I'd post it here as well since I need an answer as soon as possible... I'm in the process of putting my engine back together after changing all the gaskets (except head gaskets.. this is my first time working on a car so I don't want to...
  3. Where the hell does the Coolant Temperature Sensor connect to?

    Cooling System
    I'm doing my gaskets right now (all but head gaskets) and right now I'm just putting the lower intake back in place. My question is, where is the connector for the coolant temperature sensor? The sensor is located under the thermostat and is a little plug that screws into the lower intake. If...
  4. 4-Sale

    For Sale
    Tore down a FWD L36 for the long block for my camaro. Selling everything that was on it. This was a completely factory engine with 136,xxx miles. The trans is already gone but I still have all the accessories from the engine. The alternator was good but has sat long enough that it squeaks...