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  1. Intake
    A few weeks ago now I replaced my LIM gaskets because oil was getting into my coolant (but not the other way around) and it went pretty smooth. Got the GM Aluminum gaskets in there right now and everything seems to have sealed nicely, at least on the outside. I've noticed I've had to top off the...
  2. Intake
    I have the supercharged L67 and was told by a repair shop that the correct LIM gasket kit was MS4470, but this looks to be the 1st generation design, or it is the wrong picture. I have also read that MS958091 is the correct part However, every forum recommends the aluminum gaskets and I...
  3. Intake
    I pulled my UIM and LIM last week and found that the LIM gasket was in really bad shape. I also found that there was a small divet where the metal of the LIM had worn away:icon_conf. I'm not sure how this might affect engine performance. I am trying to find out if anyone thinks this will be a...
1-3 of 3 Results