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  1. 95 PA Ultra l67

    Introductions for new members
    Well I got my new baby back in April, a 1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra (freakin mouthful). Needs work so I’ve been digging through old threads across multiple forums about maintenance and possible mods for my series I L67. After weeks of research I’ve decided to tune up and restore performance...
  2. 99 bonneville ssei

    For Sale
    whole car for sale. only issue is that is is knocking. rest of the car works fine. went down about 2 months ago. was going to replace entire engine, but found another project I am looking for. price is $850. location is southern WV.
  3. l67 Swap in 2000 Firebird (almost done)

    General Tech
    Almost done with my l67 swap, motor (supercharger and all is in the car). I have a couple issues #1 I need to know the easiest way to tune this thing (could I use a gtp stock .bin file?), I have hp tuners #2 how in the heck an I going to wire the boost controller into the fire bird pcm...
  4. kr question

    I did some test runs today and im wondering why im not showing any KR. i did three runs and plenty more wot runs on the interstate. The first run i maxed out at 1.9 degrees KR but after that it was zero. on all wot runs i maxed out at 37 degrees spark advance. IAT maxed at 90 degrees and all...
  5. Twin turbo or Single Lesabre

    Hey so Ive been playing with the idea of after college putting turbo(s) on my 2000 Lesabre N/A. First off i was thinking of grabbing a newer 3800 before i turbo it. The reason i was thinking Twin was because if i use smallerish ones i would be able to keep the acoustics close to the stock. on...
  6. 01 Park Ave Ultra Misfire

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    EDIT: Solved the problem. Got a bad spark plug. Put old plug back in that cylinder, car runs great ! Someone told me to do that on a diff. forum and I find it so UNBELIEVABLE that a spark plug (new) could be bad.. BUT... I did it for giggles and because it wouldn't cost me anything.. AND...
  7. Need double roller chain with ST3 cam? Springs?

    Hey guys I tried looking but haven't found much info. Anyhow I have a 98 L67 swapped Fiero. The engine is out now and I'm stripping it apart to paint, decided to buy a cam too. I bought the Statamma st3 turbo cam as I have a holset He451ve to play with too. What springs are recommended for this...
  8. Cam identification HELP!!!

    Hey guys I have a cam that's a bit of a mystery to me i received it as a spare along with heaps of other parts when i bought my new car. I have the stamp and it reads 5er2n 177mw 17 i do know it suits the l67 or ecotec but not much else. any help would be awesome !. cheers guys image of...
  9. L36 and L67 Compression Ratio/Octane?

    Fuel System
    What I'm wondering, is why is it that the L36 with 9.4:1 compression requires 87 minimum octane, whereas the L67 with 8.6:1 compression requires 91 octane minimum? If engines with higher compression require higher octane, then why does the L36 require a lower minimum octane? And also, why the...
  10. 1988 Toyota MR2 with L67

    For Sale
    Ok, it's time to sell my beloved Toyota aw11 V6 mr2. It has a L67 with a 4T65E-HD in the back. This cars favorite hobby is beating Porsches onto the freeway, and is my daily driver. For those that are wondering, yes, this is Carl Crawford's old car. I love this car to death, but it's time I...
  11. 3.8sc l67 swap into 02 pontiac montana

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I just brought home the donor car, 2002 buick regal GS. I remember reading that the buick regal computer would work well in this situation, and found a donor of the same year as my van. (buick was a total loss hit in the rear) I probably wont get started on the project until this winter, but...
  12. L67 complete w/SC for sale

    For Sale
    Hey guys, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in my old L67 SC? I replaced it a few weeks back and I was thinking that some of the parts may be useful to some others be fore I scrap the rest. It has 183K on it, with a light knock when I yanked it out. I didn't feel like trying to fix...
  13. A2A plate for l67

    here is something i made earlier.
  14. L67 almost complete $300

    For Sale
    L67 Parts Got an L67 from a '97 GTP. Have a pair of heads; They have the stock springs and valves, no rockers -$50+shipping, Eaton M90 Supercharger; no pulley, has 143,xxx miles on it, has not been rebuilt or had fluids changed -$75+shipping, Have the stock block as well -make offer will...
  15. 1977 nova L67

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    My name is Alex Carr, I am 19 and I own a '77 nova. I've been building it for the past 2 years and finally came to the conclusion that i'm tired of that old SBC 355. I talked it over with anyone who would listen. After talking to my instructor, and doing some intense research, I decided that...
  16. L67 Top End Rebuild

    General Tech
    Hey guys, I recently bought an L67 with a blown head gasket out of a WH. I pulled the top end apart because I was just going to give it a clean up, replace the gaskets, then put it all back together and throw it in my VS. Wondering whether it's worth doing a top end rebuild, and if so, what...
  17. Car wont stay running

    General Tech
    ok so i bought a Chevy lumina ltz w a 3800 s2 n/a ..... drove it for a good 5-10 g miles, then it started running like balls,.... finally the engine locked up but i never had the initiative to figure out why, it was reason enough to buy a 3800 series 2 s/c engine out of a 98 buick regal gs...
  18. LIM and UIM Gasket Replacement Questions

    I have the supercharged L67 and was told by a repair shop that the correct LIM gasket kit was MS4470, but this looks to be the 1st generation design, or it is the wrong picture. I have also read that MS958091 is the correct part However, every forum recommends the aluminum gaskets and I...
  19. WTB: L67 Vacuum harness

    Hey, I need a Vacuum harness from an L67, complete would be best. Lemme know what you have, and for how much. Thanks, -Jared
  20. '92 olds 98 TS - help please!

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    1992 oldsmobile 98 touring sedan, S/C L67. ok, the car has a rough idle and misses constantly. it usually runs fine for normal driving, but misses terribly on hard pulls when the engine is warmed up. sometimes it will be missing very bad while driving, so i will turn off the car, turn it right...