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  1. Need an exhaust Log for L36

    Am finishing up another's project of L36 into Datsun 510. The thing is running, but I need to get the exhaust system cleaned up, because there it zero room in the engine bay. Looking for either a cheap header to chop up and turn into a log, or possibly a log that would fit. I believe a header...
  2. Twin turbo or Single Lesabre

    Hey so Ive been playing with the idea of after college putting turbo(s) on my 2000 Lesabre N/A. First off i was thinking of grabbing a newer 3800 before i turbo it. The reason i was thinking Twin was because if i use smallerish ones i would be able to keep the acoustics close to the stock. on...
  3. Surging at 35-40mph?

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    Like the title says, my car is surging between 35-40mph ONLY, and I have no idea why. I did a few things before this started happening and I don't know which could have caused it (if any). Basically, I redid all but the head gaskets, cleaned out the throttle body, ran some Seafoam spray through...
  4. L36 and L67 Compression Ratio/Octane?

    Fuel System
    What I'm wondering, is why is it that the L36 with 9.4:1 compression requires 87 minimum octane, whereas the L67 with 8.6:1 compression requires 91 octane minimum? If engines with higher compression require higher octane, then why does the L36 require a lower minimum octane? And also, why the...
  5. 4-Sale

    For Sale
    Tore down a FWD L36 for the long block for my camaro. Selling everything that was on it. This was a completely factory engine with 136,xxx miles. The trans is already gone but I still have all the accessories from the engine. The alternator was good but has sat long enough that it squeaks...
  6. HPT: Can't do a "Read Entire"

    PCM's & Tuning
    I really need a solution for this: I'm working with a L36/4t65 combo from a 1999 Olds Intrigue. Everything (pcm included) is stock. The car does not start and I can't do a "read entire" from the scanner to look at the pcm. HPT says the security code is not valid Using the HPT Scanner, I can...
  7. Heads l36

    For Sale
    Freshly machined pair of stock heads. Done at local machine shop and guy never paid for them. Been checked for cracks and had the valve seats ground, no porting or other work done. $175 +shipping from 66067. (owed $250 total but tired of looking at them)
  8. L36 tensioner replacement

    General Tech
    I just replaced the serpentine belt on my Chevy 3.8 and I had to torque the tensioner as far down as I could push it to get the belt on and it still stays down at the "bottom" of it's travel. I just about wonder if the belt is too short. The main problem now is that the belt is not in the same...
  9. 1996 firebird 3800 swap

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have been looking on ebay and seeing a lot of Buick lacrosse engines and grand prix engines. They are 3800 but i heard that they wont mount into my 1996 firebird. Does anyone know what engines will fit a 1996 firebird, I am not looking to upgrade to a lt1 but will get headers and such when i...