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  1. Wanted
    looking for an hv3 for the metal l26 upper intake. I have one for an l36 but not sure I want to grind and cut it up to make it work with my l26 setup. Anyone have one for sale/trade? Other stuff I am willing to trade with too in my for sale post. send me a pm or email [email protected] if...
  2. Newbie Zone
    Ok big thank you to Dyno Brian for shedding a lil light on my problem with my 2008 3800NA series 3 "L26" i wana up my HP on my 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800NA Series 3 but i gotta find a way after i get all my parts together as to how im going to get around the tuning issue's of the New style...
  3. Bottom End
    Heya! I'm knees-deep in my first ever engine rebuild, and thought I had it all mapped out wonderfully, was on the right track...and now I'm stumbling upon more and more information that is making me second guess my choices, and wanted some knowledgeable people to chime in, and either convince me...
1-3 of 3 Results