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knock retard

  1. Is it normal to never have kr? what is normal timing?

    PCM's & Tuning
    I have an ultra gauge which can detect knock retard but I have never seen any value besides 0. Also under normal driving my timing is -27deg, is this normal? Here is the info and list of mods on my car. My car is a 97 pontiac GTP, it has full exhaust with resonator delete, wrapped headers to...
  2. Upgrading my 3800 Series II Supercharged

    I have a Supercharged Monte Carlo and haven't done anything to it yet (except a Hypertech canned tune). My thoughts were that I could do a 3" stainless steel downpipe, a 3.25 inch pulley, a short stack intercooler with the stage 3 heat exchanger and 180* stat. Do you think I am going to have KR...
  3. High Knock

    I was doing a WOT scan run and the fuel pump voltage dropped off and the system went lean. The scanner picked up nearly 12 KR for a second before I stopped. The car has a 3.5" pulley, colder plugs, P&P M90, u-bend delete, FWI, 180 thermostat and an overkill PCM. I was running it on 91/100 octane...