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  1. 2006 GTP parked 4 months ago, now wont start

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    No power to fuses 12, 14, 17, 20, and 24. Does have power to powertrain relay. Have swapped a million different relays in place, no change... swapped pcm and did relearn for security, no change... stumped.. help please.
  2. Injectors maxed?? Stock Pulley, New Fuel Pump and Filter

    Fuel System
    Hi i have a 2004 gtp compg and I just installed a new fuel pump and fuel filter because i saw it was going lean at high rpm. After I installed the pump and filter I did a log and saw that my injector duty cycle was over 100% near redline which seems strange to me since im still running the stock...
  3. stock injectors for L67

    Just getting a swap together, motor from 02 Bonnie into something very different. Anyway, at least one injector is flooding - I'd be interested in a set or maybe fewer, for spares/replacements. I figure this will keep me entertained for a while before I start hopping it up, so stock will do for...
  4. injectors

    wtb Stock gtp injectors.. I need two sets. i think they are 36lbs injectors?? Thankss
  5. Random misfire? P0300 I'm lost!

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, I have a series 2 supercharged in my 2001 buick regal. It has a newer shortblock, and everything else has about 130,000 miles. The problem I'm having is that it is having random misfires on the rear bank, so 2,4,6 I believe. It's a rough idle, but seems to clear up while driving...
  6. car won't start severe flooding issues

    Fuel System
    I recently bought a 97 Grand Prix GTP as a project car and I'm suddenly having flooding issues. New plugs, wires, coils, alternator, supercharger, water pump and pulleys and all worked fine initially. Started the car 20+ times with no problems then suddenly it started running rough and died...
  7. 2.25" stack intercooler, 42lb. injectors, 3.3 pulley for sale

    For Sale
    2.25" intercooler 500 shipped, 42lb. injectors 225 shipped, 3.3 pulley 50 shipped I have a 2.25 inch intercooler for sell. This fits gen 3 or gen 5 comes with gen 3 bolts. This also comes with modded fuel rails and a fuel pressure gauge, that has braided hose, 500 shipped Also for sale 42 lb...
  8. injector info

    Fuel System
    Hey guys here's a site I just ran across and thought it could be handy.:grad: Injectors
  9. Fuel Rail/Injectors/Heads.....

    I'm looking for good condition aftermarket parts. If any one has any good condition fuel rails, 42.5+ injectors, ported head/ or other vavletrain to go with my stage 3 blower cam from intese let me know. or if you have any preformance parts that I may be interested in fell free to leave me a...