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  1. Surging/Bucking and Difficulty Starting - 99 Camaro 3.8

    PCM's & Tuning
    I am trying to figure out why my Camaro randomly surges/bucks under light load. The rpms jump on the tach at the same time. Also it takes multiple tries to start when the engine is cooled off. I had transmission checked as everything reported ok. Here is a list of what I have repaired to try to...
  2. 99 buick lesbre 3800 series 2 hesitation when accelerated

    Introductions for new members
    I recently got a 99 buick lasbre 3800 series 2 that came with a intermitten stalling when warm issue that i found out to more of hesitation when accelerated issue. car has new fuel filter, egr valve, crank shaft positioning sensor and battery, MAF was changed a year and a half ago. ok the car...
  3. 1994 oldsmobile 88 Engine misfire, Hesitation

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 that misfires noticeably when warm and also a Hesitation when giving gas. No check engine codes. plus i have obd 1.5 so i cant check that easy. Transmission shifts funny when engine skips. Floor vibration on gas peddle at 2000 rpms and up. Only code...
  4. power loss w/ backfire on accel

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    First post here, definitely glad I found this place! I've got a '92 olds 88 with a series 1 in it, about 199k miles on her now. Start up great, runs great for a about a minute, and then begin the problems. Starts missing at low rpms at about 25% throttle or more. Cruises fine at all speeds...