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  1. Remanufactured 3800 NA heads for sale

    For Sale
    I have a set of Remanufactured 3800 heads for sale. They came on a reman engine that I purchased but I had custom heads that I wanted to use. Therefore I dont need these. $400 OBO. Plus shipping. Text 757-359-6407
  2. What is the difference between heads

    What is the difference between the NA heads and the SC heads? Local machine shop has a rebuilt set of 3800 series 2 NA heads for $120 They are telling me that the will fit my L67 but I read that heads are included in the list for a top swap. Thanks for the help
  3. 96 Camaro Heads

    For Sale
    Hello everybody. I had gotten a pretty sweet deal on a long block a while back, and was debating forever on whether to keep the heads and port/polish them myself or just get new ones. I think you already know what the final verdict was! These came off a 96 Camaro with 138k miles on it. These...
  4. Heads l36

    For Sale
    Freshly machined pair of stock heads. Done at local machine shop and guy never paid for them. Been checked for cracks and had the valve seats ground, no porting or other work done. $175 +shipping from 66067. (owed $250 total but tired of looking at them)
  5. Camaro Top Swap L36-67

    For Sale
    Sorry Its gone
  6. L67 almost complete $300

    For Sale
    L67 Parts Got an L67 from a '97 GTP. Have a pair of heads; They have the stock springs and valves, no rockers -$50+shipping, Eaton M90 Supercharger; no pulley, has 143,xxx miles on it, has not been rebuilt or had fluids changed -$75+shipping, Have the stock block as well -make offer will...
  7. Fuel Rail/Injectors/Heads.....

    I'm looking for good condition aftermarket parts. If any one has any good condition fuel rails, 42.5+ injectors, ported head/ or other vavletrain to go with my stage 3 blower cam from intese let me know. or if you have any preformance parts that I may be interested in fell free to leave me a...