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  1. 3800 series I and series II parts interchangeability??

    Hey I'm looking for some headers for my 95 Bonneville SSEi but I can't seem to find any for the series I supercharged. I've found plenty for the series II though are they interchangeable (possibly with modification) or does anyone know of any for sale for the series I?
  2. Top Swap

    Almost have my shopping list complete!! Anyways still need the following: -L67 belt tensioner -Rockers (stock is plenty for now) -L67 Headers (RWD Application) -K&N Filter and Box (will make custom inlet tube)
  3. Headers hitting the fans?

    So i just installed some zzp shortened dog bones, now im looking at some headers.. Will I run into fitment issues with new dog bones? And what are some good cheap headers (SSAC, Speed Daddys, Pacesetters)?
  4. Camaro headers :]

    Newbie Zone
    Hey everyone does anybody on here know where i cn find some 3in headers for an 02 camaro?:icon_frow
  5. Trying to redo the exhaust on my LeSabre

    I have a 1999 Buick LeSabre with the standard L36 3.8L 231 engine and I am trying to design a new exhaust. I was thinking of getting the ceramic coated headers from Intense and I was wondering if anybody has anything for or against getting them. I also am not sure what to do for the cat, whether...
  6. Best Headers/Downpipe?

    Hey guys, I have been reading over the forum for awhile, and it looks like you guys all say the TOG Headers are the best. I'm thinking about ordering them, I was just wondering whats the best downpipe to go with it? I know one of you said that ZZP makes a TOG style downpipe. Looking at the ZZP...