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  1. Cooling System
    I have a 93 Regal Series I that has given me trouble since I got it. I have fixed most of the issues but i'm loosing water quickly. I live in Florida so i'm using water until i get this figured out -No external leak and I have pressure tested the system and it holds pressure -After topping off...
  2. Cooling System
    Hello, I have a 98 FTP with a fair amount of white smoke, dirty and low coolant but clean oil. I did a pressure test and the pressure is not holding. Now I know this car is prone to LIM gasket leaks so I want to be sure which gasket is bad if not both. Is there a way to determine this? I was...
  3. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    Started a project to replace the head gaskets on my 3800 after doing a compression test. I have everything torn down and am ready to start re-assembly. I got a Felpro Gasket set HS 9917 PT-2, and was wondering if I should use a spray on gasket sealant like Permtex or if the head gasket should...
1-3 of 3 Results