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  1. Best year for the Pontiac GTP?

    Newbie Zone
    I’ve been searching the forums and I haven’t found a discussion regarding my question yet. Perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough, but my searches anywhere else online aren’t taking me anywhere. So, what’s the best year for the GTP? Which is considered the most reliable? Are all model years...
  2. transaxle interchangeability

    FWD Transaxle Components
    is there any differences between the NA 3800 trans and the supercharged 3800 trans? like can i take the trans from a Buick LeSabre with the NA 3800 and put it in my Pontiac GTP? any help or info is greatly appreciated!
  3. Where to start for making power?

    Newbie Zone
    I'm currently looking into getting another grand prix im looking at a 2002 GTP. I know that i should get a better intake and exhaust along with bigger injectors or a smaller pulley. What should i do after that i'm not looking for crazy power i'm looking to be able to beat those guys in stock...
  4. injectors

    wtb Stock gtp injectors.. I need two sets. i think they are 36lbs injectors?? Thankss
  5. Hood Swap????

    General Tech
    New to forum sorry if this has already been resolved. I have a 99 GTP i like the look of the grand am ram air hood any way i could swap one out for mine will it fit has Anyone done this?
  6. 4T65-EHD Upgrade and gear change

    FWD Transaxle Components
    Gentlemen: I am fairly new to the 3800 scene, but I am a HD Diesel mechanic with quite a bit of experience and I am ready to start tinkering in the automotive world. I did my homework and research and decided a SC 3.8 is the perfect platform for me. I have had some exerience with NA 3.8s but...
  7. struts and springs

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Hello everyone, Moving on to the next bit of my rebuilding of a 98 gtp (transmission and engine bugs seem to be worked out), I am now going to start to tackle the suspension. My suspicions are that everything is indeed shot, everything feels like a three foot pot hole and there is a lot of...
  8. GM supercharger oil

    For Sale
    SOLD - GM supercharger oil Item is sold. Thank you. ============================== Have surplus 5 bottles of GM supercharger oil. Black bottles are 4 ounces each with flip cap. Unused and unopened. Will ship them for $36 USPS money order ($30 for oil, $6 for shipping). No longer own...
  9. Rattle at Idle

    1998 Grand Prix GTP... I have a rattle at idle and seems to go away with any rpm increase.. putting the trans in neutral seems to help some with the rattle. Placing my hand on the nose of the supercharger while idling it seems I can feel the rattle in the casing. Nose Cone Bearing? Timing Chain...
  10. Can a V8 be put in a GTP

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    When I bought the car, i was looking for something semi-sporty, yet powerful. I have to admit the GTP is pretty stout for stock, however I want to make it unique, I can't afford to rebuild an old muscle car or hot rod. So I guess the first thing I should ask, would be is it possible to convert a...
  11. Need information from Intense about a S1X cam I just got

    General Tech
    I recently bought a "new" S1X cam from a member here and I received the cam on Friday. Well upon closer inspection I found that the cam is most definitely used and I have now have a used cam that I have no information on. You can clearly see the wear on the lobes and the heavier wear on the...
  12. random engine swap quedtion

    General Tech
    Not sure if I;m posting in the right section, but i have had sme random engine swap ideas rollin through my head. I have a 97 gtp and have been thinking about swapping in a 5.3. The more i think about it the more i try thinking outside the box. Anyone ever heard of a 6.2 swap into a gtp? Or does...
  13. where to find special edition rear bumper?????

    Introductions for new members
    Does anyone know where to find a rear bumper diffuser from the special edition gt or gtp for the 04-08 gtp? only found one guy on google that had it but had no way of pming him???!!!