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    I’ve been searching the forums and I haven’t found a discussion regarding my question yet. Perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough, but my searches anywhere else online aren’t taking me anywhere. So, what’s the best year for the GTP? Which is considered the most reliable? Are all model years...
  2. General Tech
    Intro First off, I want to start by noting that since this is my first how-to write up, I will be editing this as I go to make things better, so please feel free to criticize! References Thanks to Autozone.com schematics (create free account to browse other diagrams) | Repair Guides |...
  3. FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Hi guys Im currently swapping a 99 gtp 3800 thats supercharged into an 02 monte carlo that had a non s/c 3800 that died at 200k miles. The gtp engine thats s/c should fit right into the monte as its the same engine but s/c. The only question I have is would the pcm from the gtp, that is meant...
  4. Wanted
    I need to find an L32 engine. It can come with or without the supercharger. Threw a rod in my 04 GTP and need a replacement fast! Or if you know where to get one, I'd greatly appreciate any links you may find. So far, the cheapest I can find is about $1,000 shipped to 64491
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