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  1. RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I’ve got an old Buick with a supercharged 3800 series motor that’s front wheel drive. I was planning on putting it into a 85 rx7 but I don’t know if the front wheel drive motor can bolt up to any rear wheel drive transmissions, can I use a fwd motor for a rwd application? And what transmissions...
  2. General Tech
    Let me clarify- basically I'm still on stock s/c pulley but running a smaller alt pulley smaller idler and tensioner pulleys as well a ac delete( still a pulley there just running a smaller one) had my pulleys machined by a local guy out of billet using same bearings as would come with retail...
  3. Introductions for new members
    No guys I'm nowhere close to that whp but as I'm going along with my project talking to older Rodders and getting opinions I haven't came across any fwd axles that could support 500whp? Now I've seen a tube vid of a turboed l36 claiming 500whp on a garret @ a strip but like I said before most...
1-3 of 3 Results