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  1. 04 GP GT fuel pump relay problems, desperately need help

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hey all, it's been a long time since I've posted here, but the 3800s never left our family! I no longer have my Riv, but my mother and brother each have '04 GPGTs and my mother in law has an 05 LeSabre, and I still love working on the 3800s. I'm calling out for help on a serious issue we've...
  2. fuel cutting out / car jerking

    Fuel System
    Hello all, Newbie here! Have a 2000 lesabre - has been running great up till about a week ago. Lately it runs great when started cold and run till I shut it down. When it is started 'hot' it cuts out randomly. It will idle rough intermittently, or die completely. When driving at 65 it will drop...
  3. Engine dies when it gets warm, and won't restart

    Fuel System
    The vehicle is a 1996 Buick Riviera, 3.8 supercharged. After running for a half hour or so the engine will sputter, and die, and not restart back. It threw codes only one time, p0300, multiple cylinder misfire I believe. I have changes the fuel filter, fuel pump, and ignition module. All had no...
  4. 97 Regal GS Fuel Sending Unit Problem

    Newbie Zone
    Hey 3800 Fans, I have a little problem, my Regal's fuel gauge is almost always on empty (or sometimes on full). I've searched around a bit, and think that it's a problem with the fuel sending unit. Just want to double check before I either drop the tank or open the trunk access panel to replace...
  5. Delphi FG0111 Rewire

    Fuel System
    This one is about the, 2001 Regal LS L36, fuel pump. I got the OEM Delphi FG0111-11B1. It came with a connector rewire kit. The "diy Fuel Pump" write up on RegalGS, it's pretty good, seems to show that the connector on that Regal will already connect to this fuel pump. I haven't open the...
  6. Guys help me!!! I have no clue!! Lean fuel, abuse mode? Fuel pump? Gimme a pro!

    Fuel System
    hey guys, i have a problem and this will take a minute to explain... i bought a 97 bonneville ssei and it ran good but was not that fast for a supercharger(would not spin the tires) then one day all of the sudden it was a monster and upon pressing the throttle would spin the tires until the...