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  1. Need double roller chain with ST3 cam? Springs?

    Hey guys I tried looking but haven't found much info. Anyhow I have a 98 L67 swapped Fiero. The engine is out now and I'm stripping it apart to paint, decided to buy a cam too. I bought the Statamma st3 turbo cam as I have a holset He451ve to play with too. What springs are recommended for this...
  2. New guy here, another 3800 Fiero

    Newbie Zone
    Hi all, I am in the process of buying a Fiero that has an L36 swapped into it that has a 5th Gen M90 installed with stock internals. The PO told me the engine has had 2k miles put on it since the SC was installed and that as long as I didn't install an underdrive pulley, the L36 internals will...
  3. Fiero 3800 Supercharged Engine Harness

    For Sale
    3800 SC Supercharged Fiero engine harness for sale Complete plug and play. Fits 85-88 3800 Series II. PCM fits in the stock Fiero ECM location (slight modifications needed) Wired for a 1998-2002 PCM. PCM not included. 4 or 5 Speed Manual Transmission Includes connections for All...
  4. HPT: Can't do a "Read Entire"

    PCM's & Tuning
    I really need a solution for this: I'm working with a L36/4t65 combo from a 1999 Olds Intrigue. Everything (pcm included) is stock. The car does not start and I can't do a "read entire" from the scanner to look at the pcm. HPT says the security code is not valid Using the HPT Scanner, I can...
  5. F/S-86 Fiero GT with 3800sc Swap

    For Sale
    3800sc Motor is not in car. I have a 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT Fastback. Car has original 2.8 V6 and a 4speed transmission. Has close to 100,000 miles on it. Exterior- Needs some work mainly paint tho. Left rear quater panel has a crack by air scoop that needs fiber glass patch. Left sail is...
  6. sc3800 Fiero

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Just like my user name says Im building a SC3800 Fiero. I just joined this forum, and hopefully I can see what everyone else is doing with there motors to make my stock little 2.8L fiero into a supercharged 3.8L beast:). Right now I have powersteering and A/C delete pulleys, a zzp intercooler...