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  1. 3" Stainless Downpipe

    For Sale
    I picked up a 3" Stainless Catted downpipe and never installed it. Its not the polished stainless, but the cat is shiny and pretty. Eliminates the U-Bend. I am in near 61016 (Northern Illinois). $150 or best offer. These are getting pretty rare nowdays. Shoot me a message at...
  2. Which exhaust Companies do you guys like?

    I've really been contemplating a true dual exhaust system for my '04 Impala Ls. Since I know very little about the companies that produce these products, which one's would you guys recommend? I'd like to see what the general consensus is. My dbA limit in my area isn't really clear on exactly how...
  3. Downpipe Question and catback

    Hi everyone. Looking to replace my stock exhaust system on 2003 Buick Regal GS because i have a leak somewhere around the cat. I've read up on the downpipe and u-bend delete mods and figured while I'm tearing the exhaust up, might as well go ahead and install those mods. I'm currently looking at...
  4. Regal parts wanted. Cai, cat, PCM, dp

    I have a 2000 regal gs and am in need of a couple things... 3" down pipe. Reprogrammed PCM Cai, or stock airbox. Hi flo cat If you do have something please txt 248 252 4549. Please include brand and price. Thanks Justin
  5. 3800 series I and series II parts interchangeability??

    Hey I'm looking for some headers for my 95 Bonneville SSEi but I can't seem to find any for the series I supercharged. I've found plenty for the series II though are they interchangeable (possibly with modification) or does anyone know of any for sale for the series I?
  6. Best way to make an 01 M/C SS 3800 sound deep and loud?

    With that low rumble and not too much of that rasp. My current exhaust (came with the car when I bought it about a year ago) is very deep on the low end and raspy in the high end. I don't know what exhaust it is but my camera won't pick it up it's so low. There aren't many videos of Monte...
  7. Camaro headers :]

    Newbie Zone
    Hey everyone does anybody on here know where i cn find some 3in headers for an 02 camaro?:icon_frow
  8. Camaro cat back

    Newbie Zone
    hey i just got a 01 3.8 camaro and want to start building it up but am a little short on funds so i was woundering if anyone on here had a slightly used cat back for sale
  9. Will a V8 Exhaust Fit On a V6 Firebird

    I have been looking for an exhaust for my 3800 series firebird and i seem to like the Borla systems the best they have almost no rasp. I was wondering if someone knows if this V8 one will mount to a v6 and if i need to do any modifications. here is the exhaust system Borla 14780 Borla 3''...
  10. Trying to redo the exhaust on my LeSabre

    I have a 1999 Buick LeSabre with the standard L36 3.8L 231 engine and I am trying to design a new exhaust. I was thinking of getting the ceramic coated headers from Intense and I was wondering if anybody has anything for or against getting them. I also am not sure what to do for the cat, whether...
  11. Exhaust Kit Recommendations

    I have a 1996 Firebird 3.8L and i am looking for a good cat back system for it. Can anyone give me brands and models of good ones they have used in the past on their cars