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exhaust manifold

  1. Advice on replacing the rear exhaust manifold gasket on a 2002 Buick Lesabre

    Hi guys, I need to replace the rear exhaust manifold gasket on my 3.8. Anyone have any advice on what I must remove to get at it. I have the Chiltons book on it. Here is the questions. Do I need to remove the alternator, the mass air flow sensor, and transaxle dipstick (how to do without...
  2. HOT exhaust manifolds

    General Tech
    Have 99 Park Ave. 3800 series II n/a. Original engine went with my daughter driving. She said it quit shifting and then revved way up and quit. When she opened the hood it was pretty hot and smoking. Towed it home couple days later changed oil and it reeked of gas. Drove around town and started...
  3. exhaust crossover

    I am piecing together a turbo system for my 2005 grand prix GT and I cant find an exhaust crossover to connect the turbo to the exhaust manifold. Does anyone know where I can find one?