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  1. Pulling 3800 series one

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    So got a 1994 with original 3800 L27 engine, was rebuilding it from the block up then just said ef it might as well do it all so I’m pulling it all out. Now as far as taking the front apart I know all that, just not sure what would be easiest route to go for me, it’s mainly going to be just me...
  2. 3800 SII stock parts for sale

    For Sale
    Hi I put a 2005 monte carlo ss engine in my daughters 1998 camaro.I have alot of parts left over from the engine swap all are stock with 23000 thou L36. Oil pan and dip stick. Upper and lower intake with fuel rail line and injectors throttle body and all sensors that are connected. Exhaust...
  3. 3800 Rebuild

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello! I recently took over my younger brothers "uncared" for 98' Firebird 3800series. The car needs alot of work and i want to use it as an everyday drive. I want to have the engine rebuilt mainly because of a loud lefter. However I'd like some ideas on some steps to have taken during this...
  4. Restricting Oil to the Top End

    Bottom End
    I have a 1996 Bonny w/SII it currently has 149,000 miles. About 500 mile back I had a knock develop in the lower end. I pulled the pan to find that Number (1) I could shake it with my hand, ahhh that's it. Since I was not prepared at the time to build the engine I polished the journel (was not...