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  1. Shift Lock Problem

    General Tech
    I'm not sure on where to post for a shift lock problem. I have a 02' grand prix gt and It won't shift out of park:icon_sad:. When I place the key in the ignition, on the dash, the Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive ect... won't light up and it should. Also, I have to pull the shift lock cap off and...
  2. 3800 SII stock parts for sale

    For Sale
    Hi I put a 2005 monte carlo ss engine in my daughters 1998 camaro.I have alot of parts left over from the engine swap all are stock with 23000 thou L36. Oil pan and dip stick. Upper and lower intake with fuel rail line and injectors throttle body and all sensors that are connected. Exhaust...
  3. Power problems and Electrical

    General Tech
    I have a 1999 Buick LeSabre with the Series II 3800. I was driving around yesterday and noticed that the volt meter was moving a lot. Every time I would put the car into gear or brake at a stop light the meter would drain a little bit. Today is was much worse where I thought the car was actually...