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  1. FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Hey y'all, My 1988 Electra suffered a piston ejection, and needs a new engine. I've taken junking the car off the table, as it simply holds too much intangible value. The now-dead engine is a Pre-Series 1 3800, n.a. That said, I have access to a Series III n.a. 3800 from a 2006 Pontiac Grand...
  2. FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Hi guys Im currently swapping a 99 gtp 3800 thats supercharged into an 02 monte carlo that had a non s/c 3800 that died at 200k miles. The gtp engine thats s/c should fit right into the monte as its the same engine but s/c. The only question I have is would the pcm from the gtp, that is meant...
  3. FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    So I have a quick question, I have a 2002 LeSabre with a cracked head and I want to drop a supercharged L67 into it, but a friend warned me about needing a different ECU to match the new motor. I can't seem to find anywhere online where this process has been done and I'm new to "flashing" ECU's...
1-3 of 3 Results