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  1. Special Shout Out with my Tuning Troubles

    PCM's & Tuning
    Hey everyone, After being unsatisfied with my box tune, I contacted DynoBrian to see if he would tune my PCM. We talked, and I eventually bought an HP Tuner, and sent Brian my tune. From there, he told me the box tune that I had was essentially garbage. Injectors weren't even the correct size...
  2. 02 GTP Tuned by DynoBrian

    Dyno Results
    Got my car dialed in today at DTM with Brian. this thing is a beast and it is still stock motor... with a genV, 2.9, N*, LQ4, headers, and a full intercooler on pump gas DTM 02 GTP Stock motor with GenV, 2.9, and supporting mods - YouTube