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  1. Need an exhaust Log for L36

    Am finishing up another's project of L36 into Datsun 510. The thing is running, but I need to get the exhaust system cleaned up, because there it zero room in the engine bay. Looking for either a cheap header to chop up and turn into a log, or possibly a log that would fit. I believe a header...
  2. I need Oil Dipstick that will fit a '95 Camaro

    Bottom End
    My son and I inherited a 3800 series II swap into a '72 Datsun 510 4 door. She's about ready to fire up for the first time, but we do not have a dipstick tube! I got one from a FWD Le Baron 3800 series II, but amazingly, it does not fit. Does anyone have a Dipstick tube and Dipstick for rear...