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  1. Info needed, custom CV axle - l67 swap

    FWD Transaxle Components
    Hey to all, looking for guidance on building a drivers side cv axle. I swapped a Series II L67 w/4t65e-hd into 90's "E" platform and would like to reuse the original outer cv ends native to the vehicle. I have successfully built a passenger cv so far using a mix match between donor and...
  2. 3.8sc l67 swap into 02 pontiac montana

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I just brought home the donor car, 2002 buick regal GS. I remember reading that the buick regal computer would work well in this situation, and found a donor of the same year as my van. (buick was a total loss hit in the rear) I probably wont get started on the project until this winter, but...
  3. 1984 Chevy Celebrity L32 swap (custom CV axles?)

    FWD Transaxle Components
    I am now at the point where everything is starting to come together, however the CV axles from the old T125C or 2.8L tranny does not match for the T65ehd. :icon_roll What axles did other people use for their swaps (pontiac 6000 or citation). Please comment for I'm debating having the shafts...