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coolant leak
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  1. Newbie Zone
    Hello, I own a n/s 3800 series 2 Vin K. I noticed white smoke coming out of my tailpipe on my way to high school recently as well as a misfire. When I got it home 15 miles later it felt like I was driving a diesel with all the smoke that was coming out the tailpipe. I pulled the engine apart...
  2. Cooling System
    I have a 93 Regal Series I that has given me trouble since I got it. I have fixed most of the issues but i'm loosing water quickly. I live in Florida so i'm using water until i get this figured out -No external leak and I have pressure tested the system and it holds pressure -After topping off...
  3. DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    I have a misfire in my 1993 Regal Series I. The misfire is noticeable at start up but gets worse as the engine warms to operating temp or when the a/c is turned on. It has been this way since I got it. What I've done: -I have checked the coils both cold and warm and they are all within range...
  4. Cooling System
    new guy here... any help would be much appreciated! I have a 98 Regal GS (s/c 3800 SII). car has almost 190K mi, driven by an old lady till I got it @ 125K. still a dex-cool dog, running Royal Purple full syn oil. about a year ago (less than 5K), I replaced UIM and LIM gaskets with FelPro...
  5. Cooling System
    Help! 2004 Grand Prix with 3800 Series III V6. There is a plastic 90 degree elbow under the alternator/tensioner area. It has sprung a coolant leak and I'm not sure how to replace it! It appears to be threaded on one end and a press fit on the other. Can you help???
1-5 of 5 Results