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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    So far I have a general idea of what needs to be done. I already have most of the belt driven components off and out of the way, I just need to get the crank pulley off. After that pulley is off, is it as simple as unbolting the cover, cleaning it up, resealing it, and bolting it back on? I want...
  2. Newbie Zone
    Hello, I own a n/s 3800 series 2 Vin K. I noticed white smoke coming out of my tailpipe on my way to high school recently as well as a misfire. When I got it home 15 miles later it felt like I was driving a diesel with all the smoke that was coming out the tailpipe. I pulled the engine apart...
  3. Cooling System
    I have a 93 Regal Series I that has given me trouble since I got it. I have fixed most of the issues but i'm loosing water quickly. I live in Florida so i'm using water until i get this figured out -No external leak and I have pressure tested the system and it holds pressure -After topping off...
  4. DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    I have a misfire in my 1993 Regal Series I. The misfire is noticeable at start up but gets worse as the engine warms to operating temp or when the a/c is turned on. It has been this way since I got it. What I've done: -I have checked the coils both cold and warm and they are all within range...
  5. Cooling System
    new guy here... any help would be much appreciated! I have a 98 Regal GS (s/c 3800 SII). car has almost 190K mi, driven by an old lady till I got it @ 125K. still a dex-cool dog, running Royal Purple full syn oil. about a year ago (less than 5K), I replaced UIM and LIM gaskets with FelPro...
  6. Cooling System
    Help! 2004 Grand Prix with 3800 Series III V6. There is a plastic 90 degree elbow under the alternator/tensioner area. It has sprung a coolant leak and I'm not sure how to replace it! It appears to be threaded on one end and a press fit on the other. Can you help???
1-6 of 6 Results