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  1. DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hi all, I have a 2002 Camaro with an l67 in it. I just changed the plugs from AC Delco 41-101 Iridium to Autolite 605 Copper which I have heard are suitable for boosted applications. After swapping the plugs out, the car now cuts out when nearing boost while driving. This had never happened...
  2. Newbie Zone
    Hello everyone, so I recently got my uncles 2000 camaro but its engine is not in it. Its in pieces ready to be rebuilt but my uncle got sick and isn't able to complete it. I want to fix it up for him but I'm missing pretty much all the bolts. Is there a site that sells a bolt set? All I seem to...
  3. Intake
    I have a 2001 monte carlo ss its got the 3800 series 2 motor in it with fwd trans and i was wondering if the intake manifold and plenum were interchangable with the ones on a 4th gen camaro or fbody. I was trying to take them off an 01 camaro i got Both engines are 3800 series 2s non...
  4. General Tech
    Hey, i know there have been alot of threads about this, but i have read through them all but none of them have helped. So far i have replaced the cam sensor, tested it and replaced the pigtail. Replaced the ignition coils(all of them) replaced the ignition control module, spark plug wires and...
  5. Naturally Aspirated
    I have a 1997 Camaro with the 3800 series II. Drove it to town, shut it off and went back to start it and it wouldn't start, only cranks. I checked the fuel line at the injector and it's getting fuel when priming and when cranking. It's also getting fire when cranking. Thoughts?
  6. General Tech
    I was lookn for a performance chip for my 3.8 99 Camaro I found 2 that grabbed my attention 1 is the blue chip for 20 bucks on ebay and 2 is the jet performance chip which is 239 on ebay im kinda afraid of the 20 buck chip isn't that too cheap any advise is greatly appreciated...
  7. For Sale
    Hello everybody. I had gotten a pretty sweet deal on a long block a while back, and was debating forever on whether to keep the heads and port/polish them myself or just get new ones. I think you already know what the final verdict was! These came off a 96 Camaro with 138k miles on it. These...
  8. General Tech
    Hello, I have scoured the forums and haven't found a thread addressing my issue. I apologize if I missed the response to my question somewhere in one of these threads. I have a 2000 Camaro 3800 L36 Series II engine. My crankshaft sensor went out and during replacement the mechanic noticed I...
  9. Superchargers
    will a pontiac ssei ftp or a buick regal gs supercharger work on my stock 3800 series 2 gt motor
  10. Newbie Zone
    Hey everyone does anybody on here know where i cn find some 3in headers for an 02 camaro?:icon_frow
  11. Newbie Zone
    hey i just got a 01 3.8 camaro and want to start building it up but am a little short on funds so i was woundering if anyone on here had a slightly used cat back for sale
  12. Rear Wheel Drive
    I'm tired of doing peg-legs, it bores me and its not that impressive. Looking on getting my camaro a limited slip and disks in the back. The RS came with one so I'm looking at: 1. What it will take to put a limited slip axle in? 2. What needs to be done about the rear brakes as far as...
  13. Wanted
    Looking for a rear axle for a 96 camaro. I have the base model with the "open" rear end. Looking for the limited slip version that came in the RS model so I won't chew up my new vette tires (or tire at the moment :icon_frow) I live in the Tampa bay area. Trying to get the part before the...
1-14 of 15 Results