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  1. Bottom End
    Hi everyone, I am in the process of reassembling the front engine cover and heads for my 3800 series 2 supercharged from a 2003 buick park avenue ultra and have a few questions with reusing bolts. I already have the heads installed with new bolts, torqued down with proper angle but, I did notice...
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Trying to figure out what size thread the bolts are I've circled in the picture here (Not my picture just looked one up)
  3. Newbie Zone
    Hello everyone, so I recently got my uncles 2000 camaro but its engine is not in it. Its in pieces ready to be rebuilt but my uncle got sick and isn't able to complete it. I want to fix it up for him but I'm missing pretty much all the bolts. Is there a site that sells a bolt set? All I seem to...
  4. Intercoolers/Water Injection/CO2
    hello i am new to the 3800 forum and i cant find anyone who will say what size the gen 3 zzp s2 intercooler bolt sizes are if anyone knows off hand send me a pm or text me on my phone would be best at 574-358-9069
  5. Cooling System
    Does anyone know what size bolts I need to change my waterpump? Kind of funny if you ask me. The previous owner had a local mechanic stab a new engine. Well, it was a used normally aspirated 3800 that now has a blower sitting on top of it. He charged them for a long block. So far I have...
1-5 of 5 Results