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  1. L36 tensioner replacement

    General Tech
    I just replaced the serpentine belt on my Chevy 3.8 and I had to torque the tensioner as far down as I could push it to get the belt on and it still stays down at the "bottom" of it's travel. I just about wonder if the belt is too short. The main problem now is that the belt is not in the same...
  2. Stock 3800 with supercharger belt off at the moment....will this be a problem???

    Here is my sob story...im the 18 year old owner of a 3800 buick regal GS 1998..everything is stock...One day i started my car and i noticed a knocking and was confused where it came from. i found out it was coming from the supercharger. i looked on forms and found out my cupler is no longer...
  3. SC bearings noise

    I've been experiencing a weird 'clicking' noise under acceleration during the first 5 minutes after a cold start up. After it warms up, it kinda goes away. I took the SC belt off to check the feel of the bearings. Is it normal for the SC to make a little noise when you spin it by hand, or...