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  1. blue chip or jet performance

    General Tech
    I was lookn for a performance chip for my 3.8 99 Camaro I found 2 that grabbed my attention 1 is the blue chip for 20 bucks on ebay and 2 is the jet performance chip which is 239 on ebay im kinda afraid of the 20 buck chip isn't that too cheap any advise is greatly appreciated...
  2. hp tuners MPVI standard

    For Sale
    For sale here is HP Tuners Standard, software, hardware, etc; everything in the picture. It is liscensed for unlimited 1999 camaro/firebird v6 and unlimited 2000 camaro/firebird v6. It has zero credits remaining but would be a great pickup for someone with one of these years or someone with a...
  3. need top 25 60' and 1/4 for awd 3800 cars

    General Tech
    yea what about the rest of us ? or is it just me ? 2005 legacy gt with 87 3.8 buick v6 with holset turbo charger build thread the BUCKARU http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/my-subaru-beat-buick-heart-140053.html why ? humm 3.8 buick reliability in a car that handles and doesn't spin...
  4. Custom V6 Engine Coffee & End Table

    For Sale
    This set was made from a spare 3.8L GM Series II V6 engine and its internals. The coffee table is made from the cast iron block and aluminum oil pan The end table is made from the flywheel, crankshaft, harmonic balancer, and a broke rotor Both include glass table tops coffee table series II...
  5. is it a 3.8 or a 3.0?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi I am new and stupis here and just spent more then one hour googling this question so I will ask here I am looking at buying a 1991 buick lesabre custom it is 4 door and when you look under the totaly awasome corvette style hood all it says on the engine is "fuel injection" it looks almost...