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  1. Transmission Mount ACDelco Part number

    Motor & Trans Mounts
    I looked on the GM parts catalog ACDelco Parts for a 3800 '03 Impala Tranmission mount but GM only lists the motor mount on passenger side. On Rock Auto they have it listed under Transmission section with vendors, Anchor, MRC/DEA and Pioneer. I did see Anchor listed in the GM catalog of...
  2. Not sure how to do this but... I have a used 3800 series engine for sale.

    Newbie Zone
    Not sure what is wrong with it. I hired someone from craigslist to fix the piston and it came back still messed up. I put a brand new piston in it with new rings. And I also got new barrings for it. However, It was smoking afterwards. Then he put another block on it and water mixed in with...
  3. 2003 Impala Ls Need Ideas

    Newbie Zone
    Ok , I have a 2003 Impala Ls 3.8l. I want to start adding performance parts onto my car. I am very new to this car customizing stuff as I am only 17. My question is what parts would you suggest to start with on this car. I really just want my car to accelerate faster.