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  1. DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    My 1998 Regal GS just died yesterday. I towed it to AAMCO and he said it is throwing a U1255 code which is where the ECM and PCM communication has been lost. Does anyone know how I can fix this myself or how long it will take? I don't know if it's worth putting the $ into it at the shop. It...
  2. PCM's & Tuning
    1998 Regal GS 3.8 Supercharged Replaced fuel pump, crank sensor, cam position sensor Tried swapping PCM from a Pontiac Grand AM. I found a broken pink wire that runs from the fuze box, behind the radiator, and up to the engine (to the fuel injectors, I believe). I'm wondering if it could have...
1-2 of 2 Results