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Check here for updates regarding the forum.
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Introductions for new members

New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.
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General Discussion General technical discussions take place here.

Newbie Zone

If you are just getting started, new to the 3800 modding scene, or just not sure where to start, this is the place.
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Round Table

Need to vent or share? Want to discuss something not related to cars? Pull up a chair.
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General Tech

Use this forum for questions which just don't fit in any one category. Do NOT use this forum as a "dump-all" for threads or any off-topic conversation. Please try and start threads which have a clear subject in their appropriate section!
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Got chrome? Here's the best place to show it off.
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Want to post pictures of your vehicle or self? Do it here!
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Engine This is THE place for all your 3800 engine performance and troubleshooting questions.

Naturally Aspirated

No boost under your hood? You can still feel the love here.
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Discussions regarding air filters, ducting, throttle bodies, plenums, and lower intakes.
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Fuel System

Discussions regarding fuel pumps, filters, lines, rails, logs, injectors, etc...
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Discussions regarding rocker arms, lifters, pushrods, springs, cams, heads, and other valvetrain components.
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Bottom End

Discussions regarding blocks, cranks, rods, flexplates, oiling system, etc...
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Cooling System

Discussions regarding radiators, water pumps, T-stats, hoses, etc...
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Discussions regarding headers, cutouts, catalytic converters, mufflers, tips, etc...
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DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting

Getting an engine related DTC? Check here for assistance.
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Power Adders Got Boost? Check here for all your power adder needs.


Discussions regarding superchargers, couplers, pulleys, etc...
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Discussions regarding turbos, wastegates, etc...
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Intercoolers/Water Injection/CO2

Discussions regarding ways to intercool various power adders.
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Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Discussions regarding nitrous oxide injection.
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Transaxle Questions about your transaxle? Check here for information.

FWD Transaxle Components

Discussions regarding input/output shafts, torque converters, gears, LSD's, etc..
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Rear Wheel Drive

Discussions regarding RWD setups.
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DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting

Transaxle causing you problems? Check here for assistance.
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Electronics If it uses electricity, its discussed here.

PCM's & Tuning

Discussions regarding PCM's and tuning
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Discussions regarding control module (ICM), coil packs, spark plug wires and spark plugs.
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Discussions regarding AFC, SRC, MAF translators, Happy Knobs, scan devices, etc...
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Discussions regarding various engine and trans related sensors (MAF, MAP, CKP) etc...
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DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting

Getting a sensor or other electronic related DTC? Check here for assistance.
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Suspension From wheelie bars to lowering kits, this is the place for all your suspension questions.

Motor & Trans Mounts

Discussions regarding mounts of all types.
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Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids

Discussions on springs, struts, camber, wheelie bars and other ways to help with traction.
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Wheels & Tires

Discussions regarding rims, sizes, tires, lugnuts, etc...
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Discussions regarding brakes, rotors, pads, calipers, etc...
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Race Day It's all about the 1/4 mile.

Quarter Mile Times

Just got back from the track? Post your times here.
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Race Videos

Have a video of your 1/4 mile run? Post it here!
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Street Stories

Have an interesting time on the streets? Talk about it here.
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Tips & Tricks on how to launch.
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Weight Reduction

Discussions on how to reduce weight.
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Stock Eliminator

Discussions relating to NHRA Stock class drag racing.
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Marine Applications

Discussions regarding marine applications.
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Dyno Performance Just got your car dyno'd or have questions about how to do it? This is the place.

Dyno Results

Post your dyno results here.
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Dyno Tips & Tricks

Want to get the most accurate numbers? Check here for assistance.
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Engine Swaps Swapping an engine? This is the place for all your info.

FWD 3800 Engine Swaps

Swapping a 3800 into a FWD application? This is the place for help.
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RWD 3800 Engine Swaps

Swapping a 3800 into a RWD application? This is the place for help.
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Swap Meet Want to buy or sell? Here you go.

For Sale

Got something to sell? List it here.
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Looking for that special part? List it here.
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Buyer/Seller Feedback

Post your experiences with forum buyers and sellers.
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Vendors Thanks to all of our great sponsors! Be sure to check regularly for great deals.

Vendor Deals

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Aeroforce Technologies

The creator of the Interceptor Scan Gauge.
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B&R Racing

We fabricate performance.
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Bad Beats Poker.net

Poker Message forum
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Need to customize or repair your vehicle? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at CARiD.com, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice. www.carid.com
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Cometic Gasket

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Dyno Tune Motorsports

We tune performance.
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HP Tuners

Performance at your fingertips!
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Don't make excuses. Make horsepower!
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Milzy Motorsports

American muscle reborn.
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Morad Parts Company

Specializing in Parts for Late Model 3800 Powered GM Vehicles.
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Royal Purple

Unleash the power, protection & performance.
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SLP Performance Parts

Taking styling & performance to the next level!
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WBS Performance

Don't Take SLOW For An Answer!
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Feedback We want your input.

3800pro.com Site Suggestions & Issues

Have a suggestion for an issue, post it here.
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National meetings and events.
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  1. I've been posting this on the TurboBuick forum (Grand National guys), but it's more appropriate here. This spring, I decided to overhaul my 11-sec grandpa car Buick that I originally built in 2009 with a Z7 T66 2.5" turbo kit, and go with a full Stattama T67 3" setup. The shutdown helped &...
  2. Trying to figure out what size thread the bolts are I've circled in the picture here (Not my picture just looked one up)
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    I have a 1998 Oldsmobile 88 with the N/A series 2 3800. I am trying to wrap my head around a possible vacuum leak I highly suspect I have. The car drives fine and is responsive and the only thing I can say as far as me suspecting a problem is at idle it slightly stumbes very lightly. Engine...
  4. I am replacing my 91 civic headunit and the wire harness is different than any other one ive seen online. I am also not sure about what all the pins do. Does anyone know what the connector is or what each pin does?
  5. Hello just got a 1993 Buick Regal limited 3800 with 64,000 miles....yes it was driven just over 2300 miles a year....while I was checking all the fluid levels I noticed the power steering fluid had a greenish glow (appears to be Coolant) so I have done some research and read that the power...
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